Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zachary, Corbett and Trampy Tramp......I mean Mischa

That's my Zachary, getting older and wiser by the minute! He has two more loose teeth on the top, but they are taking their sweet time coming out!

Here is some more evidence that Corbett should NOT dress himself.
What on earth is he wearing???

Let's take a closer look shall we?

Ah yes. Daddy's Running Room socks, a football jersey and green icing on his face.

That's my boy!

Mischa has a boyfriend. She is fixed so don't panic! His name is Harry Potter and he lives a few doors down from us. Obviously she is not concerned about size differences.

They always tire each other out after a play session. Harry usually tires first, but he is 8 times her size so it is understandable. After a while he just lays down and watches her run until she tuckers out. This next picture is of Mischa after Harry had gone home!


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Tara said...

We have that fridge magnet set too.

"Every letter makes a sound!"