Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey good looking.....

What ya got cooking?

I signed the kids up for a kid's cooking class at Real Canadian Superstore today. It was a breakfast menu, so the kids made Cinnamon French Toast and Melty Muffins.

The French Toast was a huge hit, but they weren't big fans of the muffins. Personally, I liked the muffins!

Gramma Margaret came along, as I wasn't too sure how much parent help would be needed. Turns out that we didn't need her, but that matters little because we LOVED having her there!

I have to admit that I told a lie though. The cooking class is for kids ages 3-5. Zachary is 6. But seriously, I wanted something the three of us could do together. So shoot me.....

I got some great pictures.

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