Sunday, January 11, 2009



When Auntie Michelle asked Corbett what he would like for his birthday from her and Isaac, he answered with a very definitive "A Dinosaur".

So Auntie Michelle, the clever gal she is, went to Build A Bear and saw that they had the perfect dinosaur there. They gave Corbett a gift certificate so that he could go make his dinosaur by himself.

After cooking class, Zachary, Corbett and I headed to Build A Bear and the fun started all over again!

Zachary decided to use the money he got from his Grampa Norris and Gramma Linda to buy a peguin, and obviously Corbett got a dinosaur.


Stuffing Corbett's dinosaur. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a foot pedal for the kids to step on. This makes the machine that stuffs the dinosaur go.

Worrying when the stitching on the dinosaur won't work.

Kissing his new friend, Jordan the Dinosaur. I would laugh too, but just you wait!
Notice the clothing. Because every self-respecting dinosaur wears clothes!

Here is Zachary with his new friend.....Jessica the Penguin.
Yep, apparently, I am chubby with short legs.
Now before you go make some comment about Jessica the Penguin not wearing clothes and therefore not being self-respecting, might I remind you that penguins swim a lot. No need for clothes.

And here is a picture of the four of them (us?) together!

Obviously, it was an eventful day. So eventful, that even the Corb-ster couldn't stay awake all the way through Transformers:Animated.

Thanks for the great gift Uncle Isaac and Auntie Michelle!


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Isaac Guenard said...

Awesome. Looks like a fun day for both of the boys.