Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look Mom!

"My tooth is really really loose!"

That's what Zachary told me when I picked him up from YMCA Day Camp today! I checked it out, and sure enough, one very loose tooth. At first I was very excited, but then I realized that with Zachary planning a trip to Manitoulin Island to visit his Aunt Leanna this weekend there was a distinct possibility that I would not be around for the momentous occasion of "losing the first tooth". I have to admit that I got a little panicky about that.

It's funny. I dealt okay with Zachary's first day at day care when he was 9 months old. I dealt fine with his first sleepover. Even the first day of school was no biggie. But I really want to be there for my very first baby losing his very first tooth!

We talked about the Tooth Fairy, but Zachary remains skeptical.

Me: You put your tooth under your pillow and when you are sleeping, the Tooth Fairy comes and takes your tooth and leaves a surprise!

Zachary: I think maybe not, Mom. I think that you are teasing me.

Then we made our way to the Running Room for the 20 Minute Challenge, where Zachary proudly showed a few of the staff his loose tooth (Thanks everyone for making him feel so special).

With Zachary and Corbett strapped in the stroller, we went for our run. As soon as we got back, Zachary jumped out of the stroller and asked if he could go into the store to get a free toothpaste sample (irony is always at work in my life).

Suddenly, as he was speaking, I realized that there was a hole where is very loose tooth once had been!

Me: Zachary! Your tooth is gone!

Zachary: (with a mixture of joy and terror) What!?! Gone?

Random Spectator: Oh Oh! Maybe he swallowed it!

At this point Zachay gets a little panicky.

Me: Don't worry, bud. Even if we can't find the tooth, the Fairy still comes, I promise. Yay, dude! You lost your first tooth. (Big Bear Hug for my big boy!)

At this point about 35 people who had been participating in the 20 Minute Challenge all start to cheer and clap. What better way to lose your first tooth? How many kids get to feel like a rock star when that happens?
I will admit to getting a little teary here. Those who know me, know this doesn't happen often!

After rummaging around the stroller a bit, we found the teeny tiny tooth. We quickly brought it into the store so that we could tuck it safely away in an envelope, where even more people cheered for the man of the hour. Store Manager Reed even took a picture! I have to remember to get a copy of that.

On the way home we stopped to see Grandma Margaret and Grampa Peter, who had just returned home from their vacation to show off the missing tooth!

Check it out!

A proud boy and his proud Grandma!

Once again, thanks to everyone who made my son feel so special about losing his first tooth!

For the record, he is still skeptical about the Tooth Fairy, but has put the tooth safely in an envelope, under his pillow. I promise by tomorrow morning he will be a believer!


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