Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday, Zachary's school had to undergo lockdown procedures. They have practices for this, so all the kids know what to do. I always wondered if it was really necessary.

Apparently it was.

The school sent home a letter telling the parents about the lockdown and saying that the police had initiated it due to an investigation taking place in the area.

Well, a friend of mine was trying to pick her daughter up for an early dismissal, and according to what she saw, this was no investigation. Unless Police have taken to blocking off entire streets, wearing full protective gear and surrounding buildings while heavily armed during an "investigation". But hey, I have been wrong before.

I want to trust that our Police Service felt it was a situation that needed to be dealt with right away, and couldn't wait until school was over. I really do. But my kid was in a building that was near all this "investigating".

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that the school is looking after our children's safety, but it just makes me sad that our kids have to practice procedures for this. Very sad indeed.


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