Sunday, August 21, 2011


Three long years.

That's how long its been since we have been able to have any semblance of a family holiday. In August of 2008 we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for two days and it was a blast. We enjoyed the mini-holiday. It was enough time to get away, have fun and refresh, but not so long that you needed a recovery from the holiday.

We swore that we would do more of these mini-vacations. But then, Jordan got laid off. For 22 months.

So, as one does when this happens, you re-structure the priorities. Vacations fell to the wayside in favor of basic needs and karate memberships. At the time Jordan was laid off, I worked about 30 hours a week. Enough to do the job I loved, but also that I could be home to meet the boys off the bus. When the layoff occured, I was fortunate to take on two extra jobs, but this meant I was working--a lot. Upwards of 80 hours a week.

In fact, when I left for Girlz Weekend 2011 at the end of June, that was the first time I had taken more than two days off in a row in that three year period! Again, although it has been tough, we were fortunate that the opportunity came our way.

But, it means we all really need a break. We need to go away and have f-u-n. So, on Thursday afternoon we leave for Niagara Falls for a 4 day mini-vacation.

Or as I like to call it "Running trip disguised as Family Vacation".

Once my friend Denise and I booked ourselves to run, I spoke to hubby about making it into a family vacation.

You know, the kind of vacation where your family waits in the heat for you to finish a long race.

Seriously, though. the kids haven't seen Niagara Falls, nor have they been to Marineland. We have people we can stay with, to lessen some of our costs, so heck.....WHY NOT!? We've decided to spend two nights in a hotel, because we got a great deal on Hotwire and two nights with our friends.

The kids are excited. The hubby is as excited (as excited as he gets), and heck, I'm running a race that has chocolate, so I am CLEARLY excited.

But as much as I love to run, I am so excited to get to spend time with my wonderful kids and husband.

Wish us luck and great weather on Valiquette Vacay 2011!


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